About Us

Andhra Medical College (AMC) is the oldest medical college in Andhra Pradesh and one of the oldest medical colleges in India. It came into being on 19th July 1923 and rapidly acquired national attention as a center of higher learning in medical education. The first principal was Captain F. J. Anderson and 32 students were admitted in that year. The ‘medical school’ was initially affiliated to Madras University. The medical college has been attached to King George Hospital (KGH) and a number of other regional hospitals as Government Chest Hospital , Government ENT , Regional Eye Hospital and Government Hospital for Mental Care, Visakhapatnam

Now under the current Principal Dr.T.Radha MD DGO ,  the medical college admits 200 under-graduates, 176 post-graduates and 8 super-speciality trainees along with numerous para-medical and health related courses under the NTR Health University.

AMC students have been well know nationally and internationally, not only for their excellence in academics but also in the areas of sports and cultural activities. The students have shown a strong patriotic spirit since the very early days and participated in many struggles to achieve the freedom that we continue to firmly believe in. In the spirit of the Hippocratic oath the medical faculty of AMC and KGH constantly dedicate themselves to the healthcare issues of the poor and the needy at all times.

The recorded onset of medical education in Visakhapatnam can be traced to 1902, when the Victoria Diamond Jubilee Medical School was set up in the Old Post Office area supported byMaharajah Sir Goday Narayana Gajapathi Rao and Maharani Lady Goday Chittijanakiammah.

Some years later, the Medical School was presumably shifted to the site of the present Anatomy Block. There were 50 students in the first batch who were trained for the Licentiate Certificate Standard A.

The school building was then commissioned as Medical College, Vizagapatnam and started operations on 1 July 1923, with 32 students. The college was opened informally on 7 July 1923, by Captain Frederick Jasper Anderson, IMS, officiating as principal who was also the professor of anatomy and surgery. The Medical College was formally opened on 19 July 1923, by the Honorable Diwan Bahadur Rajah Panuganti Ramarayaningar, MA, minister for Local Self Government Department, the then Chief Minister of Madras, TN state and minister for health.


Andhra Medical College emblem was designed by Dr. F. J. Anderson, the first principal.

‘Ne Quid Nimis’, the motto of Andhra Medical College, means “Let there be nothing in excess.” Students are taught that even medicinal therapy must not be given in excess; thus they solemnly resolve to show moderation in all things and prevent any imbalance in the functions of college’s alma mater.

Our Principals for Years

S.No Name Specialization From To
1. Lt. Col. F.J. Anderson Professor of Surgery 1923
2. Lt. Col. F.C. Frazer Professor of Surgery 1927 1928
3. Dr. T. S. Tirumurti Professor of Pathology 1930 1930
4. Major J. W. Ebden Professor of Surgery 1933 1933
5. Major F.M.Collins Professor of Surgery 1937 1938
6. Major J.F. Shepherd Professor of Surgery 1939 1941
7. Major F.A.B. Shepherd Professor of Surgery 1941 1945
8. Dr. T. Bhaskara Menon Professor of Pathology 1945 1948
9. Dr. N. G. Pandalai Professor of Bacteriology 1948 1951
10. Dr. M. V. Ramana Murthy Professor of Surgery 1951 1951
11. Dr. T. K. Raman Professor of Medicine 1951 1953
12. Dr. M. D. Anantachari Professor of Medicine 1953 1954
13. Dr. D. Govinda Reddy Professor of Pathology 1954 1956
14. Dr. S. Venkateswarlu Professor of Radiology 1956 1956
15. Dr. G. V. Satyanarayana Murty Professor of Medicine 1956 1959
16. Dr. K. Ramesh Pai Professor of Surgery 1960 1960
17. Dr. P. Narasimha Rao Professor of ENT 1960 1964
18. Dr. V. S. Raghunathan Professor of Medicine 1964 1966
19. Dr. P. Brahmayya Sastry Professor of Physiology 1964 1966
20. Dr. M. Y. Ansari Professor of Pharmacology 1965 1966
21. Dr. D. Raghavendra Rao Professor of Thoracic Surgery 1969 1971
22. Dr. R. Satyabhama Reddy Professor of Gynecology 1969 1974
23. Dr. B. Shanmukheswara Rao Professor of Surgery 1971 1973
24. Dr. L. Suryanarayana Professor of Surgery 1974 1975
25. Dr. K. Kameswari Devi Professor of Gynecology 1975 1976
26. Dr. K. Sanjeeva Rao Professor of Anatomy 1976 1981
27. Dr. C. Sita Devi Professor of Biochemistry 1981 1984
28. Dr. E. N. B. Sharma Professor of Surgery 1985 1986
29. Dr. V. S. Dhanraj Professor of Anasthesia 1986 1987
30. Dr. K. Veerebadhiah Professor of Surgery 1986 1987
31. Dr. G. Nirmala Professor of Pharmacology 1986 1998
32. Dr. C. Syamala Professor of Paediatrics 1992 1995
33. Dr. V. Pranava Murty Professor of Medicine 1994 2001
34. Dr. P. A. Jayakar Professor of Bacteriology 1995 1996
35. Dr. R. Venkata Ramana Professor of Surgery 1996 1997
36. Dr. K. Surya Rao Professor of Medicine 1997 1997
37. Dr. R. Ahikrishna Professor of Ophthalmology 1998 1999
38. Dr. K. Akkalanaidu Professor of ENT 1999 1999
39. Dr. A. Prakasa Rao Professor of ENT 1999 2000
40. Dr. K. Venugopala Rao Professor of Pediatric Surgery 2000 2001
41. Dr. Sasiprabha Professor of Gynecology 2001 2002
42. Dr. K. Raghavaprasad Professor of SPM 2002 2003
43. Dr. Ch. Gnaneswar Professor of Medicine 2002 2003
44. Dr. Ronanki Narayana Rao Professor of Medicine 2003 2006
45. Dr. T.Ravi Raju Professor of Nephrology 2006 2006
46. Dr. C. V. Rao Professor of Plastic Surgery 2006 2008
47. Dr. G. Bhagya Rao MD Professor of Psychiatry 2008 2011
48. Dr. Vishnu Prasad MS MCh Professor of Neurosurgery 2011 2011
49. Dr. Santha Rao MS Professor of Surgery 2012 2012
50. Dr. Kalpana Subrahmanyam (MD) Professor of Biochemistry 2012 2013
51. Dr. S. V. Kumar MS Professor of Surgery 2013 2016
52 Dr.T.Radha MD DGO Professor of Gynecology 2016 2017
53 Dr.P.V.Sudhakar MS MCh Professor of Plastic Surgery 2017 Till date