RCMET & Medical Education Cell (MEC)

Medical Education Cell (MEC) at AMC, Visakhapatnam was conceptualized on 22nd Jan 1995 by Dr.C.Syamalamma Principal , Andhra Medical college with the aim to keep faculty members and students abreast with latest trends in teaching methodologies and advancements in clinical and basic sciences. It was created to accomplish requirements of teacher and also learners with respect to medical education. In addition, support and strengthen high quality research activity by imparting desired knowledge on research methodology and ethics to researchers.

Scope of medical education cell at AMC, Visakhapatnam extends from creating and devising informative and innovative curriculum for medical students to make them into good clinicians and research physicians to training of trainers (ToT) who can impart such training besides keeping them updated with latest trends in field of medicine.
MEC at AMC, Visakhapatnam is dedicated to achieve these goals in a reasonable frame to time. Since its inception it has tried to keep pace with growth of the Institution from a medical teaching college to a full-fledged tertiary care teaching hospital. It is steadily moving towards achieving the desired objective and is in the phase of building up of resources and utilizing the available things for best outcome.


1. To establish a centre of excellence in medical education

2. To promote and conduct activities of Continuing Medical Education (C.M.E.)

3. To conduct training of faculty in methodologies of Medical education, curriculum designing, communication skills, teaching, learning, assessment, evaluation & scientific writing.

4. To conduct research in field of medical education.

5. To train MBBS students in medical ethics.

6. To train medical faculty with latest proceedings and updates from the Medical Council of India, being the only Regional centre for trainings in Andhra Pradesh.

Many training courses conducted by Medical Education Unit

Andhra Medical College was sanctioned a Regional Centre of MCI for Medical Education Technology in 2013 and the first Basic Course Workshop was held on February 6th to 8th 2013. Seventeen medical colleges in this zone have been allotted to the Regional Centre of this college. Till now our Regional Centre has conducted ten Basic Course Workshops & fourteen Basic Course workshops in the constituent colleges. The following are the dates at Andhra Medical College Regional Centre for the ten workshops.

In each session about 30 teachers are trained.
1st Basic Course Workshop – 6th to 8th February 2013
2nd Basic Course Workshop – 2nd to 4th April 2013
3rd Basic Course Workshop – 5th to 7th November 2013
4th Basic Course Workshop – 10th to 12th December 2013
5th Basic Course Workshop – 25th to 27th March 2014
6th Basic Course Workshop – 9th to 11th April 2014
7th Basic Course Workshop – 15th to 17th July 2014
8th Basic Course Workshop – 16th to 18th December 2014
9th Basic Course Workshop – 3rd to 5th February 2015
10th Basic Course Workshop – 9th to 11th July 2015

Basic Course Workshops conducted in the Constituent Colleges of MCI Regional Centre of Andhra Medical College.

1. NRI Medical College Chinakakani Guntur –April 15th to 17th 2013.
2. Katuri Medical College Guntur – March 4th to 6th 2014
3. NRI Medical College Chinakakani Guntur – April 3rd to 5th 2014
4. KIMS, Amalapuram – May 27th to 29th 2014
5. MIMS, Vizianagaram – June 4th to 6th 2014
6. GSL, Rajamundry – June 26th to 28th 2014
7. Katuri Medical College, Guntur – July 8th to 10th 2014
8. GSL, Rajamundry – December 15th to 17th 2014
9.GEMS, Srikakulam – January 29th – 31st 2015
10. Guntur Medical College, Guntur January 7th – 9th 2015
11. RMC, Kakinada January 27th – 29th 2015
12. RIMS, Ongole March 25th – 27th 2015
13. MIMS, Vizianagaram June 29th – July 1st 2015
14. Katuri Medical College, Guntur – July 28th – 30th 2015

Besides, the following programs are regularly conducted under the aegis of the Medical Education Cell of Andhra Medical College:

Foundation Course for new entrants into First MBBS
Orientation Program for 3rd semester students stepping into clinical postings
Orientation Program for new Interns
Basic Life Support program for Interns & PGs (now under NTRUHS)
Ethics Awareness Program for Interns (under AP State Medical Council)
Preparatory Course for new Postgraduates
Teachers’ Day celebrations

Further AMC M.E.Unit has conducted the first State Conference on Medical Education in 2011 and also 6th AP MEDUCON 2016 (AP Medical Education Conference) July 1st – 3rd 2016 and has been actively presenting papers, guest lectures at all state Medical Education Conferences and Winning Prizes.
Further M.E.Unit of Andhra Medical College has been designated as Zonal Centre for Medical Education Technology by NTR University of Health Sciences and was conducting Level I & II Faculty Development programs.
AMC has also been designated as Zonal Centre for providing Basic & Advanced Cardiac Life Support training to house surgeons (under collaboration with American Heart Association) to colleges in this zone.
MCI Regional Centre of Andhra Medical College is also involved in conducting the Revised Basic Course workshops and ATCOM Module for the Constituent Colleges.
So far one ATCOM exclusive sensitization workshop for the Faculty of MEU of AMC and curriculum committee members was conducted on 27th July 2015.

Regional Centre Medical Educational Technologies (RCMET) Revised Basic Course and ATCOM workshops Andhra Medical College, Visakhapatnam



Revised BC Work shop’s Course & AETCOM workshops


Dates of workshops





1st Revised BCW & AETCOM


8th Sep 2015 – 11th Sep 2015





2nd Revised BCW & AETCOM


19th Jan 2016 -22nd Jan 2016





3rd Revised BCW & AETCOM


10th May 2016 – 13th May 2016





4th Revised BCW & AETCOM


3rd Jan 2017 – 6th Jan 2017





5th Revised BCW & AETCOM


24th Apr 2017 – 27th Apr 2017





6th Revised BCW & AETCOM


10th Oct 2017 – 13th Oct 2017





7th Revised BCW & AETCOM


14th Nov 2017 – 17th Nov 2017





8th Revised BCW & AETCOM


19th Dec 2017 – 22nd Dec 2017





9th Revised BCW & AETCOM


26th June 2018 – 29th June 2018





10th Revised BCW & AETCOM


28th Aug 2018 – 31st Aug 2018





11th Revised BCW & AETCOM


8th Jan 2019 – 11th Jan 2019





12th Revised BCW & AETCOM


2nd July 2019 – 5th July 2019





13th Revised BCW & AETCOM


22nd – 25th July 2019





14th Revised Basic Course Workshop


9th – 11th February 2021





15th Revised Basic Course  Workshop


23-25th February 2021





16th Revised Basic Course Workshop


26-28th February 2021





17th Revised Basic Course Workshop


7-9th October 2021





18th Revised Basic Course Workshop


29-31st October 2021





19th Revised Basic Course Workshop


23-25th November 2021





 20th Revised Basic Course Workshop


23rd to 25thAugust,2022





 21st Revised Basic Course Workshop


3rd to 5th January, 2023







16th & 17th June, 2023





1st BCME workshop


12th to 14th September,2023






15th & 16th September, 2023